Pockets: What They Hold, What They Hide

As children and students, sometimes it seems that if we don’t fit in, we stand out. So, we tend to hide our secrets, differences and challenges in our pockets to prevent from being bullied. By the age of 15, Kelsey Tainsh had survived two bouts with cancer and a life-changing stroke.  She has spent the past 10 years learning how to cope with the daily challenges of accepting her new “normal.”  In her pocket, she can both hold and hide her secret.  Today, she proudly shares it with you and wants to know, “What secrets are you hiding in your pocket?” The key to changing student’s lives lies in teaching and helping them to share and embrace their differences, and the uniqueness of others. This highly inspirational program is the first important step.

The Audience Will:

  • Learn to share their struggles and differences instead of hiding them
  • Learn the importance of kindness and why it matters
  • Learn to accept others uniqueness and embrace tolerance
  • Learn to turn uncomfortable situations into life-changing opportunities


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