“Kelsey connected with our students in a way that was not possible with other speakers. Her story and message resonated with them, as they reflected on their own struggles and drew courage from understanding that they are not alone. Kelsey engaged our students and opened a dialogue that will help us grow as a community. She has inspired our campus in a truly powerful way.”

Lydia V Stoye  –  Assistant Dean of Students  –  Interlochen Center for the Arts

“I think Kelsey embodies the best that each of us could be: determined, hopeful, positive in the face of physical challenges, and truly desirous of making a difference in the world. These are her strengths, both on and off the platform. When people hear her story and see what she has overcome, they feel like saying, ’Well, I’m done complaining.’ She is charming and unafraid. Her self deprecating humor makes us comfortable with her, and her magnetism makes us love her.”

Lou Heckler

Kelsey Tainsh can be certified a true role model to anyone she meets. Kelsey has such a great spirit and generous heart; she would truly do anything for anybody. But most of all, Kelsey has passion. It is a passion for speaking, a passion for educating, and above everything else, a passion for life. I am blessed and honored to know such a wonderful individual as herself.

Laura McKenna, SOTA President 2011-2012

“Kelsey is one of the hardest working speakers I have ever worked with. She is quickly becoming one of the most requested speakers in America.”
David Coleman  –  The Dating Doctor  –  14Times Speaker of the Year

Kelsey Tainsh is the epitome of strength. When faced with an obstacle, big or small, she not only overcomes it, she inspires other to do the same. It takes a strong person to fight two brain tumors and a stroke, it takes a strong person to re-learn how to write and walk and tie their hair, but it takes an even stronger to set out with the goal of using her battles to show others that they can make it through theirs. Kelsey is a strong, determined young woman and I am glad to have had the opportunity to hear her story. Thank you, Kelsey!

Samantha Choon

Kelsey Tainsh is an amazing young woman with an inspiring story to tell. If you choose her as your motivational speaker, she will make your group realize how small their own problems are and how much one person can do if they have a commitment to a cause. In Kelsey’s case, her commitment was not just to her own recovery but a commitment to help others realize that they, too, have so much to give to their jobs, their community, and their families.

Scott H. Sikes, –  Shepherd Center