I’m Not Limping. That’s Swagger!

How shifting your perspective can dramatically boost your potential.

Life can throw a lot at you. Just ask Kelsey Tainsh. Diagnosed with a brain tumor at age five, she recovered and became a world champion wakeboarder as a young teenager. But at 15 years of age, the tumor returned followed by a devastating stroke. From the top of the world to paralyzed and near death, Kelsey made the courageous decision to fight back. Actually, she makes that decision every day. Now with a college degree and having worked with companies like The Coca Cola Company, The American Cancer Society, Harvard Medical School, Allbound, Boston Children’s Hospital and The Society for Pediatric Anesthesia, Kelsey now travels North America sharing her inspiring story and practical lessons with organizations. Armed with her quirky
sense of humor, engaging stories and relevant message, Kelsey helps organizations and their people gain the perspective needed to overcome any challenge in their life and in their work.


To Book Kelsey

For corporate and association call Tiffany Lauer (303) 501-6301


For youth call 866-926-9180